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Making a difference one rescued dog at a time, until they all find a home!

 Adoption Application

and Process 

The first step of the adoption process is to fill out the adoption application below.  It takes us about 72 hours to review an application. Once approved, you can pick up your new family member!

                          The adoption fee is $280.

The adoption fee covers the dog's spay or neuter, medical exam, up to date shots. The fee also includes micro-chipping. We are committed to making sure you have a healthy dog when you adopt from us!

Please note, it is our policy that we will NOT adopt any of our dogs to be outside dogs. If you do not intend to make one of our dogs a member of your family and keep them indoors, please do not submit an application. We rescue dogs who have endured this type of life. We do not condone this and we will never put our dogs into the type of situation. Also, we do NOT ADOPT to locations that are 3 hours aways from Richmond, VA. We do not provide transport and we rescue for life so we always want our dogs to be a drivable distance from our rescue in the event they need us we can be there. 

                         We look for HOMES and LOVE.

If you adopt a pair, we can discuss a discounted adoption fee with you. We also have a "Senior for Seniors" program and will adopt our seniors with special discounts to loving homes!

Our goal is to find the best homes for our dogs and the best dog for your home. We rescue for life, so at if any time during the life of your dog you cannot care for them, we require that you return them to us.

Please Note: We have recently switched the format of our application. It now requires you to fill in every question marked with a red asterisk ( * ) before the application will submit. This is to make sure we receive complete applications and allows us to process applications faster. After pressing the submit button, if you do not see a message that reads "Thanks for your submission! Someone will contact you soon," then you have left a mandatory question blank. Please scroll back through the application and answer all mandatory questions. Thank you for your understanding and for your interest in our rescue dogs!

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